Return Policy

Returns must be received at Monster Pump Nutritions within 30 days of purchase. We ask that you first call us for a RETURN AUTHORIZATION NUMBER.


Shipping charges must be paid by you (COD returns). Please insure your package. A 20% restocking fee will be charged to all returns. The merchandise must be unopened and not marked in any manner. Closeout and discontinued items may not be returned. Any excessive clumpy products or defective pills please return.  




As a distributor of dietary supplements Monster Pump Nutritions is required to report information about serious adverse effects associated with the use of these supplements to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). A Serious Adverse Effect is one that results in death, life threatening experience, inpatient hospitalization, persistent incapacity, congenital anomaly or medical intervention to prevent the above. This requirement is detailed in Dietary Supplement and Nonprescription Drug Consumer Protection Act, enacted on December 22, 2006.


If you have a product that causes a serious adverse effect on a consumer we will request the necessary information to complete an FDA Form 3500A. Report submission in not an admission of fault. For more information please go to: Food > Dietary Supplements > Guidance, Compliance & Regulatory Information.