Diamond in the rough

Diamond in the rough - bodybuilding

Diamond in the rough

If anybody know how Diamonds are made organically then you will understand where this is headed.

A real diamond that is many feet below the earth is press for many of years undisturbed soil and its compress way more than you can comprehends. So therefore bodybuilding take time if you are doing it correctly and putting in the time you will get your diamond.

The real idea behind this story is to inform you that just doing this for fun, won’t get you to where you want to be. “if you are serious” and want to look polished and chisel, it takes dedication lots of time and energy, plenty of healthy foods and plenty of 8 hour rest, less partying all night and less drinking of  alcohol. The more you activate those brain chemicals on your next mover and effort you will begin your journey into a WELL POLISHED CHISEL DIAMOND. Here are some more pointers. You need quality protein, carbs and calories in your diet regiment, whether you are bulking up or just trimming out it’s a most to become define… with that being said, here is something that I want to resonate on your mind. 

There are short cuts you can take (if you know what I mean) steroids and other stuff, but even then if your genetics is not receptive it will make you look bulky and full of water. So there I said it. Push your God given ability to persevere




(We, at Monster Pump Nutritions will never tell you what to take or how to take it, because we are not licensed physicians.. Consult with your physician before taking or doing any supplements or exercise that was mentioned on this blog just anywhere on this site. Then and only the after a license physician clears you, you can make a decision on what to take and what exercise are safe for you to do. Best regard, Monster Pump Nutritions)

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